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Specialist Highways and Road Safety Audit Services

Road Safety Enginering

We have nearly 20 years experience of investigating, developing and the delivery of successful casualty reduction measures. These include site and area specific projects, traffic calming and enforcement treatments.


Route Safety Investigations in line with the Highways Agency's 'Safety Operational Safety', including Route Safety Reports and detailed , targeted, investigations to identify potential improvements in casualty /collision levels utilising Engineering, Education and enforcement resources as appropriate.


We have had extensive involvement in the development of many Highway Authority Area Safety Action Plan and continue to develop and support local authorities to achieve their goals in casualty and collision reduction targets.


This service can be delivered either remotely or on a secondment basis.  Contact us for further details.

Road Safety Audit

We offer a full range of services in this field, to ensure that maximum levels of value and safety are achieved when new or improved highway schemes are promoted.


Our experience includes maintenance programmes, development lead schemes and major highway improvements. Covering projects from minor junction improvements, pedestrian facilities and the auditing of major motorway junction and by-pass schemes.


All Road Safety Audits are undertaken in line with the most recent advice and national good practice as outlined within HD 19/03 (Design Manual for Roads and Bridges).


Our auditors are qualified to the standards required by HD19/03, having a sound background in the Accident Investigation and Prevention arena over many years and having attended numerous courses and seminars in order to keep abreast of developing practices and issues. Full CV's can be supplied on request.


All our auditors are Members of the Institution of Highways and Transportation's Society of Road Safety Auditors (SoRSA)


As experienced Highway Engineers ourselves, we appreciate that design usually has to be a compromise and as such, on completion of a stage audit, we will advise and work together with Designers to come to an acceptable solution rather than just leaving a lengthy list of unworkable recommendations for the Designer to accommodate.



Transport Assessments and Statements

The focus of planning guidance has evolved from the principal objective of accommodating private vehicle trips to more sustainable travel and the integrated provision of all transport modes.


In accordance with planning policy guidance, Highway Associates Transport Assessments and Statements give due weight to the individual needs of pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and all vehicular traffic


We acknowledge the importance of policy and guidance whilst also applying individual thought and, where necessary, challenging convention.


We combine technical expertise with focused negotiation to deliver effective and appropriate sustainable transport and highway solutions, which meet the commercial demands associated with development